The Philippines Series: Puerto Princesa

It's no surprise that I put the Philippines very high on my to-go list. I was so excited to go to the Philippines that I wasn't even upset about being placed in a middle seat for a 13 hour flight (yay, standby travel). My plan was pretty half-baked. It consisted of scurrying off of my flight to Manila onto another flight to Puerto Princesa, the Palawan airport. After that… I was just gonna figure it out as I went.

Crash Pad Living

One of the most common questions I get asked on a regular basis is, “Where do you like, live?” For the average, every day, 9-5 type worker bee, that’s an easy question to answer. However, for cabin crew, the answer is often a long-winded explanation about commuting, bases, and the ever-so-mysterious concept of the crash pad. Today, I’m going to address the crash pad question. If you have ever been confused by the idea of living in a different city...